Executive Summary

Stronger Immune System

Stronger Immune System is now more crucial than ever!

There are 1000s of Chiropractors and Naturopathic Physicians eager to assist people with early home treatment and that’s where we come in. Preventive medicine is here to stay. COVID isn’t in a hurry to leave and therefore the trend to want a stronger immune system will grow!

Our group of companies focuses on what is most effective in regard to the immune and upper respiratory systems. Liposomal Nano and iodine based drugs and supplements are highly effective.

Our group of companies include:

  • Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc.
  • Dr. Clark Store, Inc.
  • Bernard Jensen Products, Inc
  • Pick & Pack America, Inc.

Our current fundraiser is focused on raising money for the marketing of Bernard Jensen Products Professional Line. The US is a big country, we will not be spending money on advertising directly to consumers. Instead we will advertise exclusively to healthcare professionals. We aim to focus on selling a healthcare professional line, similar to what DoTerra and others do.

 To follow is the product line we will be marketing to healthcare professionals. We will be leading with PovDine Gargle Antiseptic -with Protocatechuate Acid and Povidone-Iodine + Mucoadhesive.

 We already have 10,000 bottles of PovDine Gargle Antiseptic on hand and are making those available for sale right now.

Existing Products to be converted to our professional brand of supplements
●       Immune Defense
●       Airway Defense
●       Immune Booster
●       Stomach Defense
immune defense and booster

The following new products are already under formulation with our formulator. We will manufacture those at time of funding:

  • PovDine Gargle Antiseptic -with Protocatechuate Acid and Povidone-Iodine
  • + Mucoadhesive
  • Protocatechuate Acid (tablets)
  • Nano Quercetin (liquid)
  • Nano Vitamin D (liquid)
  • Nano Vegan DHA-EPA Algae (liquid)
  • Povidone-Iodine Antiseptic Gargle Solution
  • Liposomal Vitamin C
  • Quercetin +  Vitamin C (tablets)
  • Povidone-Iodine Moisturizing Nasal Spray

Direct Selling to Healthcare Clients:
The benefits of selling directly to healthcare professionals is that you can explain the scientific reasoning behind the protocols in scientific articles and case studies. This is invaluable to them as practitioners and for us as a company.

How We Will Spend 1 Million
We are raising roughly $1million dollars. Spending it as follows:

  • Marketing Bernard Jensen Professional Line …………..….$800,000
  • Inventor ……………………………………………………….. $200,000

IP and Barrier of Entry

  • Our products containing Protocatechuate Acid are covered by a patent from owner, patent number 9,498,413.
  • Our products containing iodine are restricted to DEA permit holders (3 years to get)
  • Our nano products are protected with secret formulations and manufactured on rare and expensive equipment. The formulas are not easily copied.

Our Difference We stand out from our competitors!

  1. Laboratory is Getting an ISO 17025

Our contract clients that sell product on Amazon have increasingly had problems because Amazon is now asking for Certificate of Analysis be done by an ISO 17025 lab. In the future all supplements sold on Amazon will need this certification. This will be HUGELY expensive for the brands – unless they deal with a manufacturer that has an ISO 17025 lab!

  1. DEA Permits

We hold a permit from DEA that allows us to purchase regulated raw materials such as iodine crystals.

  1. Nano Manufacturing

Our high speed microfluidizer, a high-pressure homogenizer from IDEX sets us apart from other manufactures.

  1. Functional Chewing Gum

We have expertise in manufacturing chewing gum. We bought two types of coating pans, including a candy-coating pan and a pharmaceutical coating pan.

  1. Oil in Capsules

This year installing oil in capsule machine capable of filling and banding 14400 capsules per hour. Will gain proof of concept and then expand (not much competition in this market)

  1. GMP Certifications by UL and NSF

GMP Certifications are vital in order to attract high quality clients

  1. Systematic Operations

The company started developing the GMP systems in earnest back in 2006 when Oskar bought the business. We have been certified for over 5 years.

  1. Newly expanded lines with room to grow!

We are in an industrial park with plenty of space to grow into. Recently doubled our space and added production capacity and highly specialized equipment (less competition + more output = higher profit)

Investment and Product Networks

Network A: Company Clients
Our group of companies sells products both B2B and B2C. We have about 140 B2B contract manufacturing clients and 1,500 B2C clients.

Network B: The Chiropractic Association
Bernard Jensen was one of the first Chiropractors in the USA. Most chiropractors know him to be a trail blazer in nutrition and health. The mailing list of the chiropractic association is about 9,000 exclusively to chiropractors

Our Niche

For years we have focused our company on quality, transparency and upfront communication. In addition we have focused on purity and using minimum excipients, we are well versed in running our equipment with minimum excipients and using excipients with words that consumers know and recognize instead of strange sounding chemical excipients. We recently installed our microfluidizer M815, which allows us to manufacture liposomal nano formulations. Furthermore we are just now receiving equipment that will allow us to also specialize in filling emulsions or oil into 2-piece hard capsule encapsulations.