Hi, my name is Oskar Thorvaldsson, owner of Great North, LLC. Welcome to a company that cares about both the quality and the environment. Please meet our team and advisors here!

Great North, LLC, is a holding company for Bernard Jensen Products and Vitamins Without Junk, LLC. Great North is also a trademarked brand in its own right, but for now we are focusing our efforts on growing Bernard Jensen Products and Vitamins Without Junk.



What’s our number one priority? Quality is always number one! What does that mean for supplements?

It starts with the intention of the company owners. Here at Great North, we place great value on the quality of the raw materials we use. For instance, we test 100% of our botanicals for identity in our own lab with an HPTLC machine, which is far superior to the run of the mill HPLC. We find that we return about 10% of all incoming raw materials back to vendors because our quality standards aren’t met. Even if vendors are the largest and most reputable, we won’t hesitate to send back sub-standard material.

We submit all incoming raw materials and finished goods to heavy metal testing using an ICP-MS. Top of the line equipment is essential for this kind of testing. We also validate quality by testing for microbial count. All raw materials are subject to microbiology testing using FTIR.

All of our quality control protocols are meticulously monitored and checked per US FDA GMP regulations. Our factory is certified by Underwriters Laboratories and NSF International and is a proud member of the National Products Association.


At Great North, we are environmentally focused and we’re excitedly working on new types of packaging that will limit our carbon footprint.

We’re all frustrated about the prevalence of plastics. It’s polluting our oceans and even babies are being born with nano particles of plastic inside them!

Soon our need for plastic and glass bottles will be a thing of the past. We anticipate using bottles made from paper pulp!

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Great North, LLC, acquired Bernard Jensen Products in November 2017. The brand enjoys great appeal and is well known in the supplement industry. We have distribution to a number of major stores in the USA and we intend to grow our reach with our new “Rescue Type Remedies”. These formulas are the kind of products that customers look for because they want quick relief from ailments such as food poisoning, common cold and flu viruses, and allergies. We promote these products in a way that does not violate FDA GMP guidelines.

Bernard Jensen Products was the brainchild of Dr. Bernard Jensen, chiropractor, author, and pioneer in the fields of holistic and alternative healthcare. Founded in 1963, Bernard Jensen Products carries nutritional formulas that speak to Dr. Jensen’s firm belief in the power of good nutrition to heal the body.

Dr. Jensen eventually sold his interest in the product business, and although the company has undergone new ownership, we remain dedicated to producing nutritional supplements and products for those seeking better health through natural means. We believe the latest change in company ownership will bring about increased growth and awareness of the Bernard Jensen brand.

Our new owner, Oskar Thorvaldsson, has over 20 years of experience in dietary supplement manufacturing and he specializes in manufacturing without the use of chemical flow agents.

Oskar’s mission is to improve the integrity of the brand’s signature products by replacing standard flow agents, like magnesium stearate, with natural alternatives that are chemical free. Oskar is also breathing new life into Dr. Jensen’s legacy brand by introducing the first new products in 10 years. And more improvements are on the way!

Vitamins Without Junk

A New Brand for Millennials!
We’re our own supplement brand that markets to millennials and we also co-brand with social media influencers.

Influencers Have a Problem
Influencers have a hard time selling their services. Today influencing followers is a long-term process. It’s expensive and there are concerns:

  • Reputation
  • Fake followers
  • FTC disclosures
  • Difficulty measuring ROI

Co-branding Fixes the Influencer Problems!

  • No need to sell their services
  • Residual income = more money
  • Greater creative control
  • Product design control
  • Greater freedom to communicate as they see fit
  • Improved relationship to followers
  • Owning a brand with minimum investment and risk

Benefits of Co-branding for Influencers

ContractWhite LabelCo-BrandingWholesaleAffiliate
Formulation Control100%Little100%None No
You Carry InventoryYesYesNoYesNo
You ShipYesYesNoYesNo
Profit PotentialWith ScaleLowHigh from StartLowProportional
Inventory LiquidationNoNoYesNon/a

Great North is also a trademarked brand in its own right.

Great North Fish Oil is minimally processed and doesn’t have the characteristic fishy taste or smell nor the oily texture that turns people off from taking fish oil. Know what else it doesn’t have? The accumulated toxins that you find in fish products from species higher up the food chain. Our oil comes exclusively from herring, which are low on the oceanic food chain, and they’re caught in the clean waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. We plan to re-launch the product in more eco-friendly packaging soon.

Great North Fish Oil is made from 100% wild caught North Atlantic herring from the clean waters off Iceland. Our premium fish oil is crafted with palatability and purity in mind. We use only naturally-derived flavors or none at all. With low to no fish taste and smooth texture, our fish oil goes down easy on its own but mixes well in your favorite juice or smoothie.

Great North Fish Oil is an easy way to get your daily dose of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Maintaining optimal levels of EPA and DHA promotes health at every stage in life. Keep brain and nervous system function at its peak while you support a healthy heart and robust immune system. Make fish oil a part of your healthy lifestyle.

About Us

Over 20 Years of Experience in the Industry

  • Experienced team of marketing and sales people.
  • My factory knows pure manufacturing.
  • My lab and QC has expertise in quality control.

Oskar Thorvaldsson and His Belief in Pure Supplements

Oskar grew up in Iceland, land of volcanoes we can’t pronounce and a culture built on fishing.

Much like the food in the US, Oskar was dismayed with the highly processed nature of our dietary supplement industry. All the “other ingredients” listed on supplement labels seemed to pollute the active nutrients. So after enjoying several years of success in making pure supplements without the commonly used manufacturing aids, Oskar was determined to give health conscious consumers a little piece of Iceland’s best in the form of fish oil that would please all palates.

Oskar is pleased to announce that we are currently looking for funding for our three brands, Vitamins Without Junk, Bernard Jensen Products, and Great North.

If you are a certified investor, please give us a call.

Oskar Thorvaldsson
CEO, Founder
Great North, LLC

The History of Our Factory

  • Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc. (PureNSM)
  • Dr. Clark Store, Inc., formerly Self Health Resource Center

Our two companies above are where our adventure started!

Our factory started in 1993 with the single principle in mind to manufacture the purest products possible. Back in 1993 this was a brand new idea. The company was founded under the name Self Health Resource Center (SHRC) and the name was later changed to Dr. Clark Store.

Manufacturing pure products has since gained a foothold as a megatrend in the industry and it’s not about to go away (see quality).

Lowest Price Point!
My contract manufacturing factory, PureNSM, will help set up and train Great North to manufacture from scratch in a systematic way, thereby securing the lowest possible cost.


For Oskar Thorvaldsson please text 619-957-1918
or call 619-409-9077 ext 125

For Taylor Dolan please call 619-409-9500 ext 115
All our products are shipped through our own shipping company called Pick Pack America.

We are located at 1055 Bay Blvd, Chula Vista, CA 91911
15 minutes south of downtown San Diego